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Special Programs

Special Programs The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Rangers and Kayak Guides offer special weekly kayak programs for groups that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to visit natural areas.  One of its most popular offerings is a paddle the L.A. River program for developmentally disabled children and adults. Building on past success in programs offered to the disabled at Ramirez Canyon Park in Malibu, MRCA Rangers offer kayak trips in specially designed rafts (“Kaboats”) that accommodate persons of limited mobility.  Using custom wheelchairs and walkers designed to get participants in the boats, MRCA Rangers lead tours in the calmer, downstream...

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Community Paddles

Community Paddles Rangers and kayak concessioneers join together to offer free community paddles to neighbors of the Elysian Valley Los Angeles Recreation Zone several times during the season. Residents are encouraged bring their families to join the fun events and paddle around in kayaks on the Los Angeles River. CONTACT or 310-858-7272, Extension 300 Press inquiries only:...

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Learn About Recreational Use of the L.A. River

Learn About Recreational Use of the L.A. River Originally Published: July 29, 2016 Updated: August 2, 2016 The river is a recreational treasure in the midst of a large city, and like urban waterways around the world, it is both easily accessible and easily impacted by humans. The City of L.A., the Council for Watershed Health and Heal the Bay all monitor water quality in the L.A. River. The river can be enjoyed safely by kayakers and other recreational users with appropriate precautions. “We are grateful to Heal the Bay for their study of water quality in the L.A....

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